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EEIG.net - European Economic Integration & Governance is a network of business people and professionals from around the world seeking cooperation and integration with their European Counterparts. The non profit organisation is registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee and draws members from industry, trade and business and the professions. Members are entitled to the title of Fellow and may use the post-nominal letters of FEEIG.


Contact us at eurocott@gmail.com for further information.

A network of entrepreneurs in industry, trade, commerce and the professions.

They receive the Integration bi-monthly magazine, available both in print and electronically, providing valuable information for professionals. Your name and employer’s name will be published on the "New Members" page in the magazine to showcase your commitment to the profession.


E-eeignews - A weekly e-newsletter providing the latest news in Europe and the world.

Eeigroup Website - Updated daily. Will provide the latest information on offers and demands from members and potential clients, news, conferences, and resources.

Conferences - Discounts on over 20  conferences, academies, and web conferences throughout the year.

Products - Discounts on all EEIG, EUROCOTT and IIEM Products, training and resources.

EEIG E-NET - The official Social Network of the EEIG. Get your questions answered and share your insight with other members.

Membership Types/Rates

Individual Fellow Life Member –


Available only by invitation of the Board -  Fellow Life Members who also are country representatives carry the title of EEIG Ambassador

Individual - Fellow Members 

Student - 


To qualify you must be a full-time or part-time student enrolled in a program related to European Studies or business governance that leads to a baccalaureate degree, or a graduate student and not employed in a full-time position.

Corporate Membership -


For organizations looking to promote their company. Benefits of Corporate Membership include four individual memberships with full benefits.


All Members will be issued with the necessary credentials and persons representing countries will have special benefits attached to their positions including financial incentives. 



Members may progress to qualify as Certified  Integration and Corporate Governance Professionals​​​​. For information click here.

How do I join as a member?

To apply please complete the appropriate form and email to membership@eeig.net


Individual Member Application - click here


Corporate Membership

- click here

Documents required:

1. Copy of CV in English

2. Copy of valid  passport or ID (both sides)
3. 1 passport sized  photo in .jpeg digital image of same  (Photo must be in jpeg format)
4. Functionary’s Details form
5. Declaration of Acceptance duly signed

All above can be transmitted in pdf format.


European Board of Economic Integration & Governance​ Ltd (by Guarantee)

Offices in London - Brussels - Athens - Larnaca - Moscow - Cairo - Singapore - Sydney

A non profit organisation

Registered in England & Wales as a Limited by Guarantee Company No. 08502418 
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