BUSINESSEUROPE’s members are 41 central industrial and employers’ federations from 35 countries, working together to achieve growth and competitiveness in Europe. BUSINESSEUROPE represents small, medium and large companies


International Institute
of Enterprise Management

Professional Managers for the World
The International Institute of Enterprise Management is an international professional organisation led by managers for managers. The Institute accepts members who have qualified and have relevant experience to be granted "Certified Enterprise Manager" status. The Institute has a number of educational programs that licenses educational institutions around the world to offer. All the programs are run by the European Central Office of Teaching & Training (EUROCOTT) and qualify for registration in the Register of Consultants of the EEIG:
The programs are:
• Certified Enterprise Manager Program
• Certified Customer Service Specialist
• Certified Strategist & Business Planner
• Certified Registered Quality Assessor
• Certified Registered Business & Finance Consultant


European Expert Consultants

SIE EUROPE LTD incorporated in England & Wales has currently offices in Larnaca (Cyprus) and representative offices in Liverpool, Moscow and Athens. The company specializes in business consulting services and compliance of business within the European Union framework. We assist in the procurement of EU and National funding as well as promoting the integration of Eastern Europe business towards the EU paradigm. Our areas of specialization are -
• Business Services
• Funding & Finance
• Commodities & International Trade
• Quality Systems & Certification
• Property Consultancy & Real Estate Development
• Company Incorporations & Accounting Services
• Human Resources & Recruitment
• Patents and Trade Marks
• Integration in the EU of Non-EU corporate and individuals

CMU Business ​

Research Institute

Quero Ultra Optimus

CMU Research Institute was established in 2006. It is dedicated to the promotion of research and learning about the myriad dimensions of global and regional integration, business, technology and environmental issues in a gloabalised world.. In pursuit of this goal the CMU Research Institute brings together a worldwide network of researchers who are linked to its research programmes. The Institute operates its academic activities in conjunction with collaborating universities around the globe. Its first project, commissioned by the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs – Moscow is related to the effects of globalization on the Dialogue of Civilizations. The results and research from this project will be available to view on this website.

The CMU Research Institute operates programmes for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, promotes collaboration with other research institutes, publishes its annual journal the “CMU Research Journal” and the “Business Development Annual Review” and runs seminars and conferences on its research programs.

Institute of 
Financial Accountants​

Financial Accountants​

The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) is an internationally recognised professional accountancy membership body, whose members work for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or who run or work in small and medium-sized accounting practices (SMPs) that advise SMEs.

European Board of Economic Integration & Governance​ Ltd (by Guarantee)

Offices in London - Brussels - Athens - Larnaca - Moscow - Cairo - Singapore - Sydney

A non profit organisation

Registered in England & Wales as a Limited by Guarantee Company No. 08502418 
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