EEIG- Consuting International Financiers

The CCIF qualified professional members are an elite peer group of established lenders, brokers and borrowers worldwide who deal with each other and for their clients.  All of them are involved with major tangible, domestic or international financial projects and transactions.


The CCIF are certified by the newtwork and provide highly professional services.


The CCIF members communicate monthly promoting their haves and wants through the CCIF monthly newsletter.

For more information and a list of our members please email at

Certified Consulting International Financier (CCIF)

The Certified International Consulting Financier (CICF) designation recognizes members of the EEIG (Finance Strand).


Members must be professionally employed in managing major domestic or international transactions. Areas of expertise include real estate, commodities, syndication, offshore funds, trades, equipment, and finance. Membership is based on experience and completing a certification program. Recognition of prior learning is available. The Finance Strand maintains a high ethics and professional development program.

Candidates must pass a screening process, which includes a review of professional activities, scope of responsibilities and professional referrals. Individuals that pass the screen and the educational requirements listed below are accepted as Members of the Finance Strand and awarded the CCIF designation:

Principles of Finance and Financing – Basic concepts and methods that financial managers use to make effective investing and financing decisions, and begin to explore the ways in which value is created and measured. Devote specific attention to the financial management context, the time value of money, risk and return, the cost of capital, the valuation of stocks and bonds, capital budgeting decision analysis tools, the impact of financial leverage on cost of capital and valuation, dividend policy and an overview of financial statement analysis.


Fundamentals of Risk Management - Fundamentals of financial risk management as it is practiced by corporate treasury staffs and investment managers. Focus on current theory, best practices and financial products that can be used for risk mitigation.


Corporate Finance - Proficiency with computer spreadsheets and basic financial mathematics and financial calculators. An overview of corporate finance topics and concepts, techniques and tools that financial managers use to make effective investing, financing and working capital management decisions. Understand advanced capital budgeting topics, financing decisions, working capital management and multinational finance.


International Finance - Understand international finance from both corporate and international banking viewpoints, as well as financial constraints on international business and differences between domestic and international environments. Examine the international monetary system, the differences between foreign trade and foreign investments, international sales terms, measurement and management of foreign-exchange exposure, international financial markets and banking, import/export financing, current-asset management and international taxation.


European Board of Economic Integration & Governance​ Ltd (by Guarantee)

Offices in London - Brussels - Athens - Larnaca - Moscow - Cairo - Singapore - Sydney

A non profit organisation

Registered in England & Wales as a Limited by Guarantee Company No. 08502418 
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